Lifotel Hotels & Resorts

Non Alcoholic Life Style Brand

Lifotel is a concept that brings one closer to living life the natural way without Alcohol! Lifotel is one place that will relax your mind in the true sense and offer you with a serene atmosphere to work and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Lifotel is a collection of hotels and resorts with the objective to promote customers to stay here and celebrate life in the right way either with your family or your colleagues. It helps individuals to spend time away from the monotonous life, it gives the guests the time to involve in physical activities, fitness exercises, nutritious foods and healthy drinks.

Here, we offer the right space, the calm surrounding and the perfect atmosphere to relax, unwind and re energize oneself. Our Signature Spas will help to rejuvenate and bring back our guest’s balance in place. It is a great place to host events and meetings to celebrate life and also to help an organisation to take key decisions in an alcohol free environment.