Our Ethos

The team at CROSSWAY are on a constant global quest for cultural, design, culinary and business information. The company prides itself on its resourcefulness, gathering complex, multi-tiered research garnered from across the world. This research informs, inspires and helps forecast trends, discover best-practices, identify market opportunities and apply practical know-how. It is an ideal mix of business and cultural intelligence when combined with experience and original thinking, offers a clear vision for clients and ultimately, a profitable outcome.

Strong Sales Support

Crossway will have its sales offices in multiple locations across India and abroad. We will have the best Central Reservation system available which will enhance the direct bookings to the hotels by our sales team on the ground.We will get the best negotiated rates with all the OTAs and best rates guaranteed. Direct bookings will be driven through our Crossway website and also through GDS enabled bookings. Travel agents around the world are connected through our Central Reservation System which will ensure our hotels get the business it needs. Customised Crossway Hotels APP will be made available to encourage direct bookings and also to administer loyalty programs to our customers. Various stragic partnerships with banks and other institutions will be done to market our hotels. Great visibility will be created through advertisements through print and digital media.Marketing events will be continuously done to promote our hotel.

F&B Offerings

Crossway will feature some of the fresh concepts in the industry The restaurant menu will feature a wide range of dishes around the world which will feature menus which has healthy offerings but still be interesting giving importance to the local cuisines. A special family menu and kids menu will be available The bar will really be an interesting concept which will allow families and friends to come together for a drink or two with some amazing drinks served by our bar tenders The banquet menus will feature rather some unique hi tea menus, lunch and dinner menus compiled from around the world. Our world class chefs will ensure that the food served is really top class.

World Class Spas

Crossway and Lifotel will bring in some exemplary world class spas to its hotel and resorts. It will feature some of the contemporary and traditional spas offering the best of both worlds. Crossway has a strong team of well trained therapists, beauticians and health consultants who will bring rejuvenation and life back to our discerning guests.